The MOTION project is carried out under the AAL Programme with funding by the European Union and involved National Funding Authorities

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The service uses a high level video system allowing four simultaneous training sessions by a coach.  When a user subscribes, he receives an all in one PC remotely controlled and sessions can immediately started.

Pilot sites

Two pilot sites are planned to evaluate the service, one in France in the town of Caen and one in Italy, in the town of Bologna.
Both pilot sites are managed by local organizations and carefully customized to local social cultures.

Exploratory developments

Some future exploratory capabilities are studied and tested during the project including the possibility of using the service on digital tablets, full mobile connectivity, use of medical sensors and use of motion recognition technology.

Human sciences study

An ergonomic, psycho sociological, physical and physiological study will be achieved to evaluate and improve the service.
The study will also compare cultural habits allowing thus a better adaptation of the service to local cultures.

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